Weird Audio Sync Issues

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Weird Audio Sync Issues

Post by eblah » Thu Feb 13, 2020 23:10

We use Resolume Arena 6 at multiple venues and have noticed that if the software is running when we open Alley, audio will be distorted until Arena is restarted (even if Alley is shutdown). I've played with the settings a bit, and found out that if our audio Sample Rate was set to 44100, then the issue doesn't occur. However, if it's set to anything else, it happens to an increasingly greater scale the higher the rate is.

I've tested this is Arena 6 and the latest version, and all exhibit this problem, and searching the forums, it seems people have had the issue occur before but no one ever was able to figure out the cause. We've also tested this on many different computers and configurations, and the surefire way to replicate this issue is by opening Alley. Unfortunately, we use Alley to convert our videos, so sometimes... we forget to shutdown Arena before running Alley.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong (besides converting using Alley when Arena is open :lol: ) somewhere?

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Re: Weird Audio Sync Issues

Post by Zoltán » Thu Feb 20, 2020 12:45

Yes, indeed, when you set Resolume to 48kHz, and to use de default system output, and then open up Alley, Alley will re-open the audio device in 44.1kHz. this will make audio playback in Resolume slower, because it can't pick up the sample rate change.
Can also happen with any other audio app started after Resolume.

If you keep Arena at 44.1k, and all your other audio apps too, opening up them after Resolume should not cause any issues.
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