Saving project in Demo version

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Saving project in Demo version

Post by Samallenmusic »

Hey there guys, I've just downloaded the Demo version because I can't currently afford the whole thing.

I'm wanting to do visuals for my music linked up to Ableton Live, and was wondering, If I create a file for my music in the demo set, would I be able to transfer that file to someone who has the full version of Arena and would it remove the Robot voice and watermark?

We are playing a club on the weekend who has Arena 7 so hoping we can just give them the file?

Cheers guys

Appreciate the help

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Re: Saving project in Demo version

Post by He2neg »

yes that should work, the watermark disapear when the version is registered.... you can work at home on the demo and save the compositon (dont forget the media files and maybe the shortcut mapping as well)
and take the data with you and use it on a different system without a problem.
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