Choosing an HDMI mini switcher for dual duty

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Choosing an HDMI mini switcher for dual duty

Post by Morph »

Looking at HDMI mini switchers to pull double duty.

1. Easy way to do soft switching when I have to integrate another VJ for a gig hand off.
2. Min 2 input switch for camera switching then capture into Res.

I already have a magewell, V-1(SDI) & BM sdi/HDMI capture, so I can already do these things but I'd love to cut down on gear & make things as small as possible.

Currently looking at either the Roland V-02 or the ATEM Mini (larger but has the USB capture built in). Is the video capture/webcam function on the ATEM compatible with Resolume? Does the ATEM have full scalers on each input like the Roland?

Currently leaning towards the Roland as it's smaller & I don't really need the extra inputs on the ATEM.

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Re: Choosing an HDMI mini switcher for dual duty

Post by He2neg »

The Atem Mini does not have scalers.... its set to one and all sources and outputs need to deliver this

i.e. the atem is set to 1920x1080 then all inputs need to be 1920x1080 and nothing different.

Also the most small switchers will only canpture the program and not a source you want to...

So i guess youllneed to go with two small devices 1 mixing with others 2.capture

or with a rather big and expensive one ;)
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