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New System Build Advice

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2024 02:44
by pmeacham3
Hello all
Building a new system for resolume. Generally output 2-4 4k signals to h5 led processors feeding LED wall. General consensus seems to be higher base speed is better than large core count (planning 7900x), 64gb ram, couple nvme, Decklink 4k extreme card for sdi/fiber input etc. All of that brings us to GPU... have a system now with t400 for desktop monitors and A4000 for connection to LED processors. It seems to work fine although I read warnings about mixing GPUs. I plan to put an A6000 in this new system, but am looking for advice on adding a second card for desktop monitor outputs. Thoughts?

Edit: As I have continued to read, maybe add a corvid 88 or corvid 44 12g instead of a second GPU as it appears resolume doesn't know what to do with the second processing card? So the question then is 4090 with a corvid or A6000 with a corvid? Money is really a secondary concern for this build. I'm a buy once cry once kind of guy.