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Questions , FPS, output & input setup

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2024 16:29
by 2B1983
Hello Resolume family !

I have some questions about setting up my resolume arena properly.
I am using GKGD led displays PM2.5-1 controlled by huidu hd a7
I have bought Resolume Arena latest version on a laptop with 4070 and i7 13900h

1) I want to know how to set up properly my Input Selection and the Output transformation
I guess its based on the lcd but I need some guideness-if there is any tutorial- but I need help about how to set up based on resolution etc.

2)I have an issue with the Hz of the lcds , its only 24Hz on 4k resolution and I cant find any way to set it on 30 Hz or even 60Hz

3)I want to save and export (as backup) all my settings including Composition,effects, layers , videos and effects coordinates etc. just in case I need to set up the whole thing on new machine

Thank you so much