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Windows and Resolume menu screens show on the led wall

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2024 02:55
by Cristiaan80
I hope somebody can help me out.

When running A full screen Led wall in Resolume, Windows (and also Resolume menu screens like DMX monitor) keep showing up on the led wall.

As soon if you shift a screen to the side (Or if the menu is wider then the laptop screen), it presents itself in front of the fullscreen output :shock: .

How can i prioritize the Resolume output as highest priority, so no menu screen can overlay the output screen.

Laptop MSI Raideer and Vector (2 Machines have this issue)
Windows 11
Geforce GTX1070 and RTX4080
Resolume 7.19.2 (Or Latest when available)
Peak Aero is already disabled (So output is not going black with previewing Windows menu's)

Many thanks in advance for the one who can save me with this question.

Toilet and Elevator VJ :lol: