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Tips for Resolume 2.X Users

Resolume 4 offers many of the same (and more!) features that Resolume 2 provides. However, it does work a bit differently, so users of older versions of Resolume might be wondering how to get the new version to do the things they are used to.

Trigger clips on selected layer

To have clips play on the currently selected layer, you need to select the Clip Target setting to Selected Layer. You can do this either for the whole composition (Composition > Clip Target) or for an individual clip (Clip > Clip Target)

Global Effects

Global effects are now called Composition Effects. To add one, you need to drag the effect from the effects browser onto the Composition tab. There is no longer a limit to how many such effects you can use.

Layer Transport Controls

You can use the View > Show Layer Transport Controls menu option to display transport controls on each layer, similar to how they were displayed in older versions of Resolume.

Video Only

If you are not interested in the audio side of things, you can simplify the interface somewhat by unselecting the View > Show Audio Controls menu option. All audio-related controls will now be hidden, giving you more space for your video stuff.

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