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Sources are very similar to effects. Like effects, Freeframe 1.5/FFGL plugins are supported. The difference is that, while effects change existing audio or video, Sources generate new content on the fly.

Because they generate content, Sources need to be placed onto clips in the same way as you would place an audio or video content file.

To use a source, drag it from the Sources tab on the right of the screen, to one of the clip slots.

Once placed in a clip, the properties for the Source will be available in the Clip tab.

Sources can have audio and video effects added to them just like any other clip.

Presets are not available for sources but that isn't a problem - you can just create multiple clips with the same Source, using different parameter settings.

Tip! If you want to use Sources or Live cameras with the Auto Pilot, you can! Specify a duration for each source via the Clip tab. This is set by default to 5 seconds.

On Mac OSX, there is a special type of Source called Syphon. Syphon is such a powerful Source, it has its own chapter.

Video Capture

The Sources tab is also where you will find any video capture devices that you have attached to your computer. If you use a capture device, some additional options will be available in the Clip tab.

For instance on a BlackMagic Shuttle, you can choose which input to use, and at what resolution.

Also on some devices you can set whether the video from the device should be de-interlaced (You do not need to do this for most webcams but it is useful for solving 'jaggy' problems with video cameras).

Layer Router

The Layer Router allows you take the output of a single layer (or the whole composition) into another layer. This can be useful for complex projection mapping setups or to simply display the same clip simultaneously with different effects.

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