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Syphon (Mac OSX Only!)

Syphon is a great set of tools to route the visual output of one program to another. This way you can for instance get jiggy with your funky Processing sketches, but apply effects and map them to a surface with Resolume Arena.

To enable Syphon, simply check the box in the Video tab of the Preferences. 

Any program that is broadcasting its output via Syphon will now show up under the sources tab. You can add them to a deck like you would any other live input.

The moment Syphon is enabled, Resolume will immediately start broadcasting its main output as well. 

Resolume Arena allows you to further control this via the Advanced Output. Syphon will be treated like a separate physical screen. This allows you to warp the output before sending it, or to select parts of your composition to send to Syphon. All the while you can still send a different output to your physical screens.

For applications that do not auto-detect broadcasting Syphon servers, Resolume's main output identifies itself to Syphon as follows:

  • App Name: “Avenue” or “Arena”
  • Server Name: “Composition” (for the main composition output) or “Screen 1” (when using the Advanced Output to route a screen to Syphon).

Example code for Processing:

For Arena:

client = new SyphonClient(this, "Arena", "Composition"); 

Or for Avenue:

client = new SyphonClient(this, "Avenue", "Composition");

If you use a Syphon output via the Advanced Output of Arena, you can name the server yourself:

client = new SyphonClient(this, "Arena", "Screen 1"); 

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