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Resolume Workflow

A Composition is a complete Resolume setup with sets of clips, assigned audio and video effects, parameter settings and control mappings.

Switching compositions takes some time, so it is usual to put everything for a complete performance into a single composition. Otherwise, you will need other video and audio sources to use while you switch compositions.

The clips in a composition are divided into Decks for easy access to the clips that you want, when you want them. Switching decks is quick and does not interrupt playback, so you can switch between decks while performing.

Each clip sits in a specific Layer. Only one clip from each layer can play at a time. Layers can be blended together in a variety of ways to create the final output.

A Clip can consist of a video file, an audio file or both. It could also contain a Source (a plugin that generates either audio or video). The clip also includes many settings that can be changed to affect how the clip is played and how it looks and sounds.

Effects can be added to the whole composition, a specific layer, a single clip or an empty clip. If added to the composition, the effect is applied after the layers have been mixed together. If it is added to a layer, it is applied to whatever clip is playing in that layer. If applied to a clip, the effect is applied before the layer effects are applied.

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