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Working with Input Maps

At this point, you may be wondering why you need all this Advanced Outputting, slicing, input selecting and output transforming. Can't I just play my content full screen and be done with it?

For a basic VJ setups with a single screen, fullscreen output is probably all you need. But when you start to do more complex setups like multiscreen, projection mapping or working with LED screens, you will want do more with your pixels.

This is where the Input Selection comes in. Using slices can help you arrange your output. By carefully choosing a part of your composition as input of a certain slice, you can later on, in the Output Transformation, decide where those pixels go on your stage.

This is called creating an 'input map'. For instance when using a LED processor, it's really helpful to have a good input map. But also with projection mapping setups, input mappings can be really useful.

You can read about creating input maps for each of these purposes below:

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