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Avenue 4.5 and Arena 5


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Saving and sharing Advanced Output presets

It's possible to switch between different screen setups. Using the dropdown in the top left of the Advanced Output window, you can save and select different setups.

This is especially useful when you are playing weekly gigs at different venues that each require a specific setup. Using the preset system, you can just select the appropriate setting from the list, without having to recreate it again.

This also means that your output setup is not tied to a certain composition. You can use different setups with the same composition, and use different compositions with the same setup.

It also allows you to share presets between computers. After saving, the preset can be found as an .xml file in the Resolume documents folder:

Mac: Users/~/Documents/Resolume Avenue-Arena 5/presets/screensetup/

PC: C:\Users\[username]\My Documents\Resolume Avenue-Arena 5\presets\screensetup\

Tip! Browsing is for suckers. Choose Reveal in Finder or Explorer from the dropdown and you will be taken right to the correct file on your computer.

You can copy this file to the same folder on the other computer. You can then load the preset via the dropdown. When loading a preset via the dropdown, it will be automatically copied to the correct preset location.

Tip! Sharing presets also works between Mac and PC!

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