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Quartz Composer

Quartz Composer is a program for Mac OS X that allows you to make realtime visuals on the GPU of your Mac.

The cool thing about is that you don't have to learn all sorts of crazy code languages, instead you can just use the simple and easily understandable graphical interface. For more information on Quartz Composer, you can check the info on Wikipedia.

In Resolume Avenue on OS X, Quartz Composer patches playback is fully supported. This means that you can play and mix your compositions in Resolume, having the same control for layering, blend modes and added effects as you would with a normal clip. You can load the composition from the file browser, or drag and drop them from the mighty Finder.

Similar to the way Flash clips are supported, you have full access to published parameters in Resolume as well. This allows you to have direct control over the parameters you want to have access to, making each performance you do with them new and different.

In order for any published inputs to show up in Resolume, you'll have to publish the parameter at the top level, and add an input splitter. See the examples included in your Resolume Avenue Application folder: /Applications/Resolume Avenue 4.0.0/media/quartz composer/

Resolume supports the following input types :

- NUMBER. Shows up as a slider, with all the animation options for BPM syncing, timeline, audio FFT, etc that all sliders in Avenue have. Don't forget to set a min and max value using the Patch Inspector.

- BOOLEAN. Shows up as a checkbox.

- INDEX. Shows up as drop down menu.

- STRING. Shows up as a text input field, allowing you to change the text in realtime.

For tutorials on making visuals with Quartz Composer:

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