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Simple Output

Unless you are just using the recording feature of Resolume to make video clips, at some point you will want to route the video from Resolume out of your computer, hopefully to a really big screen.

Before you can configure the outputs in Resolume you need to set up the displays in your computer's operating system before you run Resolume, in order for the displays to be available in the Output menu.

First make sure the display or projector is connected to your computer.

Windows - To set up the displays in Windows, open the Display panel via the Conrol Panel ( Settings > System > Display ). On the settings tab make sure you have at least 2 displays visible and active. This is usually called having the two screens in 'extended desktop' mode.

Mac OS X - Open the Display Preferences in System Preferences via the Apple menu ( System Preferences > Displays ). Then on the Arrangement tab make sure 'mirror displays' is turned off. Now you have two separate displays on your computer.

Now start Resolume and check out the Output menu. The Fullscreen and Windowed options enable you to select which of your computer displays the main Resolume output should go to.

For a straightforward single screen setup, Fullscreen is usually the option you want. Resolume will fill the complete window with its output.

Windowed output just fills the second output with a rectangle exactly the size of your composition. This is sometimes useful if you are using an external scan converter or are working with multiple applications.

You can stop all output by selecting the Disabled option.

Tip! If you accidentally went fullscreen on the main window, you won't be able to access Resolume's controls anymore. Don't worry! Just hit CTRL-SHIFT-D (CMD-SHIFT-D on a Mac) to disable all output and get the interface back.

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