Audio Visual Product Of The Year 2013

"Visually stunning this is where sound and sight blur in Hi Definition welcome to the world of the VJ. Amazingly feature packed, extremely easy to use and midi control"
DJ Mag Tech Awards

Projection Product Of The Year 2009

"This new version of the super-popular VJ media server has 80% of the functionality of higher-end servers, plus candy they wish they had, like beat detection, refined video scratching, auto clip-looping to audio length, and an unbelievably beautiful and efficient new QuickTime codec that allows it to mix dozens of HD layers."


"[Resolume] is more of a "live" performance tool, and it’s powerful indeed. With a super-fast codec, a well-laid-out interface and a decent price, it’s sure to be a hit with the VJ crowd — and the lighting folks should have an easy time triggering video from now on."

Justin Lang, PLSN Magazine

"In short, when it comes to working audio and video simultaneously Avenue leaves the competition in the dust."

VJ Anyone, DJmag

"Resolume Avenue balances quick access performance needs with depth of control, and marks a huge leap forward from earlier versions of Resolume. The audio features really set it apart, make it fun, and give it promise. Double thumbs up!"

Jean Poole,

"Resolume Avenue is a power-pack with endless possibilities only limited by your imagination and hardware capability."

Michael Junck, PDF (German)

"Now the fun really begins."
"Jetzt geht der Spaß erst richtig los."

Florian Dobler, (German)

"I wish every video software was so easy to overview..."
"Ich wünschte, jede Videosoftware wäre derartig leicht zu überblicken..."

Sascha Sachs, Musician's Life (German)


"Having vastly improved stability, now functionality in Avenue is looking really mature … I just played a short gig with version 3 and had a blast, and [version] 4 could make this the tool to beat."

Peter Kirn on Create Digital Motion

"mapping, stability, performance and speed... if u need these in professional live audio visual performance then u need resolume 4"

Scott McPherson, Amoeba Design

"Resolume is better and better with each new version. The most flexible, audio-reactive and easy to learn software for audio-visual artists."

Taras Gesh,

"Resolume 4 just feels right. It gives me massive control over my sets without feeling cluttered. Everything I want, nothing I don't. Epic."

VJ Actionhero

"Even after using it for 7 years I still am discovering new things to change / adapt / improvise with, meaning I can always tap into fresh new energy with every show. I always suggest it to beginner users because it's so simple to get results when starting from scratch but still has the power and toolset to take your performance anywhere you want to take it."

Jim Medcraft, Resident VJ @ Pacha Sydney

"I love #resolume,the more I work on it the more I feel almost lost in the total freedom of creativity it allows. Thank you so much!"

Andrea Baggio

"Put simply, the most comprehensive piece of vj software around, everything the professional visual percormer could ask for, without sacrificing accessibility for newcomers."

Brenton March

"Resolume 4 enables you to extend your own barriers in every visual way that you can handel! Top piece of software i dont want to miss!"

Philipp Loringhoven

"Intuitive, concise and inspiring to use. If you are new to Vjing or a seasoned pro, resolume is accessible to all levels of user. The latest features blow other software clean out the water!!!!"

Matthew Sharp, VJ MoreBuck$

"Really awesome software. It offer a wide tools panel to "knead" or create videos or work on architectural mapping. Moreover the Resolume support team is very reactive to help the users."

Jonathan Richer

"Best vj software I've worked with... Midi out and OSC out are a really big advance, and the mapping tools are awesome..."

VJ Granda

"Best Software to mix live videos and interactive files like Flash or Quarz Composer."

Herr Schoder von Schallbild

"This tool will make it almost obscenely easy to do A/V mixes."

Peter Kirn on Create Digital Motion