What's New In Resolume 6

Vroooom! Rev that v6

Resolume 6 is now 64 bit and multi-threaded so it can rev up all the CPU cores in your computer and utilise all available memory.

Faster Everything

You can now play more layers, in higher resolution (4K anyone?) so you can perform on bigger stages. Deck switching is now super fast so you can quickly find that one clip you're looking for. The recorder is much faster so you can record longer and at higher resolution. Playback of DXV encoded files is much faster, as well as other formats.

Flexible Interface

The interface now renders beautifully crisp on high-resolution screens. You can re-arrange the panels in the Resolume interface to create a layout that suits your workflow. Preview monitors are now available directly on the composition, group, layer and clip panels. 

Pick a Color, Any Color

No more fiddling and guessing with grey RGB sliders, just click on the color you like. Store your favourites in a palette, map them to your MIDI controller and you can quickly follow the light changes on stage.

Quick Search

With a search bar on every browser panel you can quickly find Effects, Generators, Files and Compositions.

Highlight & Rearrange

With color coding you can highlight a specific clip, layer, group, column or deck. To make things even clearer you can now update clip thumbnails, rename columns and rearrange decks. Always find what you're looking for quickly.

Media Manager

With the Media Manager you have a great overview of all the files in your composition and you can easily copy a composition to a different location.

Persistent Clips

Always keep your most important clips always within reach, by making them persistent across decks.

Go Go Go

With the Next & Previous Column buttons you can easily play a sequence by triggering the next column. Great for theater plays and scripted presentations.

Join The Band

With Ableton Link Resolume stays in sync with Ableton Live or any other software that supports Link. You can even use it to sync two computers running Resolume.


Never experience that moment again where you accidentally triggered a clip that really you shouldn't have. Lock the content on a layer and it will stay there no matter how trigger-happy you are.

Layer Groups

With groups you can create mini-sub-compositions in your composition. Groups have their own column triggers, effects, dashboard, monitor and master faders. You can even route a group straight into a slice. Groups are an Arena only feature.

Mask Layers

Turn an layer into a mask for all the layers beneath it or apply it to just the layer or group directly underneath.

Transform to Slices

Slice Transform effects let you position your content exactly to the input slices that you created in the Advanced Output. This is a game changer for mapping large stages with many LED panels! Arena Only.

Text Effects

The built-in text generators are great for displaying and animating text on the fly. Just type your text, select a font, any font, add colour, animation and you can promote the DJ. (you know how much they like to see their name on the screens)


The envelope editor adds life to your parameter animations. With many predefined curves you can make your paramaters groove instead of just move up and down. Indispensable when combined with Text Animator!


The Keyboard, MIDI, DMX and OSC Shortcut system is completely overhauled to make it more flexible and easier to understand. You now get a great overview of your shortcuts in a list and you can create presets for your favourite controllers.

MIDI Feedback

Light up all the pretty colors on your MIDI controllers. See on your controller what clips are playing or even see the color of effects.

Welcome AJA & Datapath

Native support for Black Magic Design capture cards has been improved and Resolume can now get input from, and output to, capture cards from AJA and DataPath.

Hello NewTek NDI®

With NewTek NDI® you can send and receive video between computers on the same network. Use any resolution you like, with an alpha channel, in high quality and low latency.

Crash Reporter

In case of any unexpected crashes, you can directly send us a bug report so we get as much information as possible to fix it as soon an possible.

Auto Updater

We'll be releasing minor updates much more often because Resolume 6 will update itself. This way you'll always run the most recent and stable version.

One More Thing

Just One? No, we have Dozens More Things. There is so much new stuff in Resolume 6 that we could not possibly list it all here. That doesn't mean we're not going to try:

  • Fader Start: (Re)Start a clip when you put the layer fader up
  • Layer Transition and Composition Speed params on the panels
  • Clip Inserting; Drag and drop files/clips and insert at specific position
  • Multiple Keyboard/Midi shortcuts per parameter; Right click to duplicate a shortcut and change it settings
  • Value shortcuts; Quickly set a parameter to a specific value
  • Dropdowns / Button Groups can be selected and cycled via shortcuts; Assign shortcuts to your five favourite blend modes, or cycle through all of them with a single button
  • Only send out the OSC you need; Quickly select to send just the layer opacities, or just the clip triggers, or just the...
  • Render at a fixed frame-rate; You'll get much better recordings when set to 30fps
  • High Quality rendering option; 16 bit per colour channel
  • GIF Playback (dancing cats anyone?)
  • BPM Push/Pull on the Toolbar
  • Preview effects and presets. Double click them in the list like you would a file
  • Crossfader curves and its own blend mode
  • Autodetect capture device settings; No need to select the correct resolution and frame-rate anymore (if the device supports it)
  • Send absolute values via OSC; Send 'a' as a first argument followed by the absolute value
  • Request parameter values via OSC; Use '?' as a prefix before the address and Resolume will respond with its current value
  • Easy OSC setup via Zeroconf
  • Improved ArtPoll support
  • Assign DMX Outputs directly on the Lumiverse in the Advanced Output
  • Multiple Transform Effects
  • Fit/Fill/Stretch on layer
  • Blend mode for clips, override the blend mode when a particular clip is triggered
  • Favourite folders in the File browser
  • File browser auto refreshes itself
  • Copy & Paste multiple Effects
  • Identify displays via Output menu
  • Open System Display Preferences from the Resolume Output menu
  • DMX, OSC, MIDI monitors in preferences
  • True clip preview. Previewing a clip shows just that clip, not that clip playing in a layer
  • New Preview Monitor layouts, side by side, PiP or none at all
  • Manage registrations via your account
  • FFT Gain dial on the toolbar
  • Show/Hide Dashboards, BeatLoopr, Crossfader, Auto Pilot, etc, etc.