Clip Time Panel

Have you ever thought: I need a really big ass clock in my Arena interface?

This is where the Clip Timel Panel can help you out. The panel displays the current time of your system as well as the duration or remaining time of the clips you are playing.

This is super handy for tightly scripted shows where everybody needs to get their timing right.

To display the panel; navigate to the view menu and select “Show Clip Time”.

The Clip Time Panel will pop up and you can give it a nice play in your UI or undock it and move it to a separate screen.

Clicking on the cogwheel will give you a couple of options regarding what the Clip Time Panel will display. You can enable or disable the clocks you require.

By default time will be running for the duration of the clip, just like the playhead of the clip.

By clicking on the time display you will switch the mode of the clock to display the remaining time, this is indicated by the minus symbol before the time.

Please don’t click on the system time to see how much time is remaining, some things in life are better left unknown. Live & laugh baby!

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