Yearly Renewals

We love working on Resolume. Every day we sit behind our computers and work on new features, come up with new ideas and generally try to make your VJ life easier and more fun.

When we finish these new features, of course we'd like you to go out and use them as soon as possible. We don't like it when we have to sit on a feature for two years or more, just so we can make a bigger splash when we finally release a big major update. You're out there doing shows every weekend and we want to make those shows better today!

So this is where that date in your registration tab comes in.

When you buy a Resolume license, you get Resolume with all the features it currently has. That part goes without saying.

Along with that, you get a year of new features. Everything we work on and release during that year, will be available to you as an update. You can just download the new version and use it, all on the same license.

If, after a year, you'd like to keep on receiving these updates, you can renew your license and get another year of awesome new stuff.

Your license will be able to receive hotfixes even after your year of updates expired starting from 7.13.2 release.  For example if your license was eligible for 7.13, you can use the 7.13.2 hotfix.

This way we can keep working on making Resolume better every day, and you don't have to wait for us to release a new major version every couple of years. Everybody wins!

This is not a subscription!

"Hold up! Does this mean I have to pay every year to keep using Resolume? That sucks! Once I paid, I don't want to keep paying all the time."

Don't worry. You bought it, so you own it.

We know what you mean though. It sucks when you've paid for something and then all of a sudden you're not allowed to use it anymore. So that's not what we're doing.

If you're happy with the current feature set and don't want to renew, no problem. Your Resolume license remains yours. You can continue to use the current version for as long as you like. It will remain registered and it will work without watermark for ever and ever.

So you don't have to keep renewing if you don't want to. There's no need to update if you're happy with what you have. Your license stays yours and watermark free, even past the expiry date.

Only if you download and install a newer update, that is released after your expiry date, will Resolume revert to the watermark. That makes sense, because that version contains new features that you haven't paid for. Even then, if you don't want those new features, it is simply a matter of downloading an older version, valid for your license, to get rid of the watermark again.

Your license really stays yours.

Signing up for another Tour

If, after a year, you'd like to keep receiving those awesome new features, you can renew your license. Resolume will give you a link right from the Registration tab. You can also handle updates via your account in our shop.

You can simply add the renewal to your cart and proceed to checkout. Once the payment is complete, your license will update automatically and you'll enjoy another year of cool new stuff.

If you're worried about missing out, you can renew your license as early as 100 days before the updates run out. The extra year is added to your original expiry date, so you always get the full amount of days you paid for. Even when you renew before the actual expiry date.

Beat the System

If you don't mind waiting, you can save some money by keeping your current license with its current feature set. Let the updates expire and don't renew. For a year or more, just ignore all the updates we release. Bide your time. Be content with what you have. 

Then, only when we release a feature that you really can't do without, you renew your license. You'll get the new feature, plus all the updates that we released in between. Just like that.

Or, you could be a cool dude or dudette and support the work we do by renewing yearly. It's up to you. We think you're awesome either way.