Color Picker

With the release of Resolume 7.7 came a new color picker for Wire.
With this new color picker you can construct colors using HSB sliders and create palettes as you do.

Making Colors

Using the new color picker you can construct colors in a variety of different ways. You can use the RGB sliders to construct a color or use the HSB sliders instead. Alternatively you can use the “rainbow”-picker at the bottom.

Color Harmonies

After you have made a color you’ll notice that on the right side more colors and variations appear. We use fancy words like analogous, (split)complementary and monochromatic to sound really smart. 

These collections of colors are known as color harmonies.

Color harmony can be as complicated or simple as you like, but what it comes down to is that the collections of colors often just look nice together. You might want to use the harmonies to create a collection of colors for yourself, this is where palettes come into play.



In the right bottom of the color picker you’ll find the recent colors and palette. You can store up to 12 colors in your palette. When you right click on a color in the palette you can choose to apply, overwrite or clear it.

Applying simply picks that color as your color.
Overwrite overwrites your current color to that slot in the palette.
Clear removes the color from your palette.

Color Matching Tools

In the top left corner of the color picker you’ll find a couple of tools that help you with color matching.

When you make a color the hex-code of the color will appear. This code can be copied and pasted (using the copy icon) into other softwares. You can try this out right now with our favorite color: [insert “resolume green” color code here]

The dropper tool can be used to pick a color currently on your screen. Anywhere you like! This is an amazing tool when working together with other artists or designers.

Locking the picker

When browsing the color picker gradient for you next awesome color you may want to lock your mouse in only the horizontal or vertical axis to maintain hue or saturation levels.

To lock your mouse on the horizontal axis hold the SHIFT-key while dragging. To lock you mouse on the vertical axis hold the ALT-key while dragging.