Wire Video Training

Did you ever want to make your own effects, sources, transitions, blend modes and tools for Arena and Avenue? Then Wire is your best bet to make this a reality. But it can be hard to learn a new software package, let alone a programming language.

For this we have created the Wire Video Training. This training will take you from the very basics all the way to the advanced features. Consisting of neatly organized laidback video tutorials, we’ll cover everything. Aimed at VJ’s who have never written a line of code in their lives, you’ll be making slick visuals and effects really soon.

Note that this course is to be used in conjunction with our articles and the built-in tutorials in Wire. At the end of each video you might be instructed to read, make or play with certain features before moving on.

Also note that this course is continuously being updated as new features are added.

1. Basics

This chapter covers the essentials of working with Wire. You will learn how to work with the interface, explore different data types and how to integrate Wire into Arena and Avenue. By the end of this chapter you will be able to make sources and generative content that will blow your audience away.

2. Instancing

This chapter is the starting point to learn one of Wire's most powerful tools: instancing. You'll go from controlling a few paramaters and shapes to controlling hunderds at once! Use these video's combined with instancing course that is already built-in Wire to achieve instancing greatness.