Adobe Media Encoder 2018 - 32 bit Quicktime warning

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Adobe Media Encoder 2018 - 32 bit Quicktime warning

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So I just updated to the latest AME 2018. Anyone else getting this warning after encoding files to DXV3?

"32-bit QuickTime support ending
Support for import/export of legacy 32-bit QuickTime media will be discontinued in a future version of Premiere Pro. Transcode to a non-legacy format to continue using the media in Premiere Pro after legacy support has ended."

This is a copy and paste from the AMEncodingLog.txt.

Perhaps I should add that I am running 64 bit Win 10. So the 32 bit part is definitely Quicktime, which is required to encode/transcode DXV3. Just wondering if there is going to be a replacement for the old Quicktime DXV3 codec as our time seems to be running out
Win 10 pro 64 bit - b20H2
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