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by PDNerd
Mon Nov 04, 2019 04:48
Forum: New Features
Topic: Native streamdeck support
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Re: Native streamdeck support

+1 for this feature!

Just bought a Stream Deck XL and it's the perfect Resolume device.
It would be massive for workflow. Can't recommend these things enough.

(Devs, it would make the best xmas present :geek: )
by PDNerd
Sun Nov 03, 2019 04:57
Forum: New Features
Topic: OSC labels for dashboard
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OSC labels for dashboard

I know this has been asked for here before, but adding OSC output for dashboard link labels like we do with clip names would be :P I have a TouchOSC template that has the dashboard links (comp/layer/clip) mapped to 8 faders, works great, but only static and unchanging dashboard labels ...