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by Benceking24
Wed Apr 22, 2020 20:53
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Topic: Problem with NDI alpha (artifacts)
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Re: Problem with NDI alpha (artifacts)

I did open a ticket for Propresenter because i thought it is their software's fault but noticed that other has the same problem that i have with propresenter. Artifects next to the element that has contetnt over NDI with alpha channel enabled.
by Benceking24
Tue Dec 10, 2019 13:23
Forum: Problems? Bugs? Solutions!
Topic: Radeon support
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Radeon support


I built a computer with amd 3800x and Radeon 5700xt but when I select "show hardware stats" I don't see the GPU usage stat, only the CPU and RAM. Is there any solution to solve this?

(Using win 10, latest arena 7 version)