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by offlinenz
Thu May 02, 2024 22:05
Forum: New Features
Topic: Kerning
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I would really appreciate the ability to adjust kerning individual letters, some font's I have in use are all over the show.
At the moment I'm making mulitple text blocks with part of the word then adjusting via transform...
by offlinenz
Sat Mar 30, 2024 11:56
Forum: New Features
Topic: New play mode
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Re: New play mode

duplicate the clip and sit it next to itself, 1st one play next clip, second one play previous clip, and adjust transition slider.
by offlinenz
Wed Jan 03, 2024 11:50
Forum: Wire Wire, Pants on Fire!
Topic: Looking for an experienced Wire developer.
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Looking for an experienced Wire developer.

I've been trying for last few months to create a Resolume effect in Wire that emulates Omino Diffusion or Zaebects Modulation in AE but Im absolutely stumped.
I can share my workings so far if needed too

If anyone thinks they're up to the task I would be eternally grateful.