Resolume Workshop @ St. Joost Art Academy

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Resolume Workshop @ St. Joost Art Academy

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Last week Resolume went to the St. Joost School of Art & Design in the city of Den Bosch to share some of our Resolume-knowledge with the students there. VJ Liza Renee invited us to collaborate with her on a media art-focused Resolume workshop. We are always interested in using Resolume for more than VJ’ing so we got hyped and joined in on the workshop.

We started out with teaching the basics: composition, clips, layers, sources, effects and more effects and more effects and then some more effects. After that, we continued exploring the basics of projection mapping as most of the students were interested in this subject.
After the students got to grips with the basic operation of the software they each went their own way in making an installation. The focus here was on experimentation instead of producing, which led to a chill vibe in which the students could freely make while having support from us and Liza.

We had an amazing day with the students and saw some interesting results.
Each artist took their own approach to making their work, some used Arena to mix their existing video work, others jumped on projection mapping and there was even some experimentation with Wire.

We are looking forward to doing more workshops in the future.
If you are interested in a Resolume workshop at your educational institution feel free to contact us at

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Re: Resolume Workshop @ St. Joost Art Academy


do you have a video recording of this event.

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