Resolume 6.1.2: There were tears. There was blood

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Resolume 6.1.2: There were tears. There was blood

Post by Joris »

Today, we release Resolume 6.1.2 into the wild. It wasn't easy. There were tears. There was blood. Most of all, there was love. Take care of her. She's special.

GIF Playback Hotfix rev 62522
Two steps forward, one step back. GIF playback was boken in the innitial 6.1.2 release. If you need this then please update once more.

"How many times do I have to kill you before you die?"
When you remove an unwanted layer in one deck, Resolume will no longer bring it back from the dead when you switch to a different deck. Unless you had content in it of course.

Apparently, this type of file also exists
When you have a hammer, everything is a nail. And when we released Alley, of course you tried to convert every possible file format under the sun. We tackled a lot of edge cases with some of the more exotic codecs and containers.

I am Denon Prime, leader of the Autobots
Resolume is now compatible with the Denon Prime 4 series, the slick new mobile mixer/player combo recently announced. While we were at it, we made clip triggering of Denon linked clips even more robust. Also, I snuck in yet another Transformers reference in the release notes.

Le singe est sur la branche
Thanks to Emeric Delavaud, Resolume now speaks French as well.
phpBB [video]

Check out the full fix list below or double tap that download.

11048 Text block launches on restart-reopen, with parameter values uninitialized
11148 ND4 HAP files playing distorted
11232 Aja U-tap HDMI doesn't list all available formats
11245 Can't remove empty layers (anymore), deck switch always recreates them
11322 Possible appcrash duplicating groups
11504 Transitioning to a clip with overridden blend mode worky weirdy
11550 duplicating AV file/clip can make clip beat count change
11606 ASS BMD output sometimes not initializing with saved settings on Resolume restart
11660 Denon clip doesn't launch again if clip was ejected before, and the offset of the clip is smaller than the deck position
11715 Magewell XI100DUSB-HDMI only lists 60HZ progressive formats
11741 Multiple clips are not launched when receiving note on for them at the same time with Free Layer target
11770 Composition dashboard fold state not saved correctly
11777 Relocating a single file takes very long in large compositions
11906 "Column" is not translated any more if you set a color for the column
11944 here show it djhpow
11947 Possible memory leak playing avi file with ADPCM audio
11953 Audio cracks in AAC files converted with Alley
11961 Alley can't load tiff image sequences containing uint16 data
11965 Layers and columns can get messed up after Collect with update current composition.
11966 MM relocating single file to a file with a different name doesn't work
11968 MIDI velocity output no worky for selected layer clip triggers
11978 Alley is not code signed properly?
11981 Scroll layers and clips into view not working for groups
11983 Midi clock start/stop not effective
11990 AudioFormatReaderFFMPEG fails at AAC
11995 Converting image sequences can fail when folder contains metadata files
12008 Deck select shortcuts move with the decks
12011 Tempo controls repeat action when mapped to DMX and channel value changes to !=0
12042 Thumbnail loaded from file is not keeping aspect ratio.
12044 Crash trying to convert mp4 with lots of metadata
12071 DXV playback is jumpy in AE CC2019
12073 PNG with 'Gray' colorspace and Alpha channel shows white when played and yellow X as thumbnail
12078 Some shortcut types for dropdowns no worky
12107 Denon Prime 4 compatibility
12130 Possible crash with Denon switching from a linked to an unlinked song
12134 French Interface Translation (by Emeric Delavaud)
12140 Possible crash when changing envelope preset

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Re: Resolume 6.1.2: There were tears. There was blood

Post by francoe »

Who mind Denon toys, look at those fixes. Love! :P

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