Tiling Multiple Layers

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Re: Tiling Multiple Layers

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goto10 wrote:The FRParameters would be the fourth effect that makes it possible. The advantage of the effect is that you can set the opacity to 99%, so you can move the copy and have the original stay in place.
Indeed! :o But only with one instance of FrParameters? So maximum 2 (like the two red Layer1 in the initial post) Otherwise you would double the already existing two and end up with four, wouldn't you?
goto10 wrote:BTW, I don't see how having the option of grouping helps if you don't know which effects to group.
But you know! I would expect that you very smart guys at Resolume set up initial categories, to help people like me to quickly find what I'm are looking for. (btw. do you sort your music collection alphabetically or by genre? - or even by color of the cover, which is the most visual way I can think of :lol: )

Besides that I have to say that the new search function (type first letters of effect name) helps a lot. Would be nice if you could further improve that. Specifically a "goto next hit" button or shortcut. E.g. trying to find the "Pixels in Space" effect, I always end up at the Luma Waves Preset "Pixels"

Enough off topic.

cheers ;)

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Re: Tiling Multiple Layers

Post by gavspav »

Thanks for the tips. Internet & Power just went back on after all day outage and I came back to this.

Keystone Mask and Swapping the Render Order were the missing pieces - thanks.

I haven't got one aim in mind - more a range of options for duplicating and mixing up the layers. Its a bit fiddly but many possibilities. Cheers.

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