Full Dome VJ´ng

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Full Dome VJ´ng

Post by pfelberg »

Ok...now what..
I wish to know the proper setup and how to use Arena to accomplish this. ; )
I´ve seen some old setups using mirrors but doesn´t seem the way it goes here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=p ... l3b5PBl87o#!

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Re: Full Dome VJ´ng

Post by vj granda »

The software used in the video is Blendy Dome, but it's under developement...

I'm not sure if you can acomplish this only with Arena, but I'm pretty sure that with the help of Visution-mapio it's possible.

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Re: Full Dome VJ´ng

Post by deepvisual »

you dont have many choices.
its going to be security mirror or
use a planetarium media server
or spend a very long time doing the line up in whatever app you chose.
but the blends and joins you will find next to impossible.

otherwise just have 3 or 4 of the same image
you can mask the lenses with masking tape.

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Re: Full Dome VJ´ng

Post by Stickygreen »

I've tried using Arena to accomplish a full dome install. it doesn't work. the edge blending is the problem, Arena cannot handle the compound curves, and multiple overlaps that a 4 projector install in a dome environment requires.

I think that IRmapio has plans of implementing this in the future, as with the latest release there is a default quad radial preset, but still the edge blending can't handle the compound curved surfaces.

I think the biggest issue is VJ software developers access to a proper full dome theater.

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