About lock button.

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Re: About lock button.

Post by pfelberg »

I think this is helpfull, but I am not quite sure about them all. Just trying to help.

But I´d love a "LOCK ALL": As said before, it is beer time, so no changes are allowed. No one can screw up what´s on. Obviously, a confirmation to the action would be fine: "are you sure you want to lock up Reslume?" so it cannot happen by accident.
To unlock.. a pass key would be nice.

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Re: About lock button.

Post by Oaktown »

Personally, I would like to have the following locking options:
- Lock the media (either video or sound) so that it can't be replaced
- Lock any parameter animation in a clip, layer or composition
- Lock all parameters of any or all clips in the composition
- Lock all parameters of any or all layer which would prevent adding or removing clips from that layer
- Lock all parameters of the compositions with no restriction on MIDI/DMX/OSC input or external inputs.
- Lock any of the parameters in the advanced output options such as Screen, Slice, Mask or Crop as well as the ability to lock any point in the output transformation (by clicking on it)

Any of these locking functions would prevent changes from being made but should allow the clip, layer, composition to run in its current state which means all autopilot functions would be active but locked for editing.

I realize that it's a lot of locking options but typically, I design a show for companies and a tech will run it during performances so I'd love knowing that things can't be changed after I leave. As far as locking MIDI/DMX or OSC inputs that can be done on the controlling devices.

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Re: About lock button.

Post by mehulgandhim »

Is there any lock button just for the slices or the particular screen to prevent any changes ?

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Re: About lock button.

Post by Zoltán »

Just fold up the screen int he advanced output, an that will prevent editing the slices.
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