Datapath flipped input

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Datapath flipped input

Post by dirtyjohn_lv »

Check out the attached image.

The window over Arena is Datapath's Vision window, just let's you see incoming signal
As you can see in the preview window, Arena flips the signal on the capture with no effects applied. Happens whether or not the clip is loaded. Not a big deal, I can just throw on flip effect and it fixes it.

Using the VisionDVI-DL

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Re: Datapath flipped input

Post by najrock »

ya I use the vision RGB a lot and this bugs the shit out of me...

in the datapath prefs there is a flip input checkbox you can use but It still aggravates me every time I install one in a new machine

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Re: Datapath flipped input

Post by Joris »

It's not that Resolume flips the image. It's that DirectShow does not recognise that it needs to be flipped.

The need for flipping is quite common with capture devices, and most capture cards send a flag with the signal that it needs to be flipped. Of course Datapath's own software recognises this flag correctly, but DirectShow doesn't.

You'll probably be happy to hear that Res 5 will have the same native support for Datapath as it does for Blackmagic. Aside from less latency, that also means we can handle this sort of stuff ourselves.

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Re: Datapath flipped input

Post by svoboda »

For me also this problem is to VisionRGB-E2S

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