ProRes support in Avenue R6b3 -Windows

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Re: ProRes support in Avenue R6b3 -Windows

Post by subpixel »

I tried the same trick with a 4K ProRes HQ file (around 825Mbps). As you might imagine, that maxed out my system. It did play, though the Resolume framerate droped to about 35fps and the framerate of the 4K NDI feed was definitely less.

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Re: ProRes support in Avenue R6b3 -Windows

Post by Oaktown »

Hey subpixel, why don’t just connect your Atomos Ninja Assassin to a 4K capture card into Resolume?

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Re: ProRes support in Avenue R6b3 -Windows

Post by KristofNys »

Let's just hope that the next Mac Mini (if ever) gets a few PCIe slots then :lol: So i can switch back over to osX

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Re: ProRes support in Avenue R6b3 -Windows

Post by francoe »

subpixel wrote:My CPU usage is taking a massive hit. Premiere's load is around 60-70%, total load around 92%
I've tryed something like that on windows with ndi tools scan converter for a minor print on cpu usage.
Played a prores on vlc, setted up that window as source on ndi and used it as source in resolume 6.0.2.
The case is, on resolume side, ndi source appears and dissapears constantly. So I have a chopped stream (image, then black, then image again).
When checked out that source on an independent ndi monitor the stream never gets cut, image is steady.

My concern isn't about the topic itself, I'm not focused on prores playback but my test comes from the reading of subpixel's comments. Do you think is something to take a look? Are any kind of ndi stream allowed on resolume or need to fit some particular specs?

(some images that maybe are clearest than my english about the issue)

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