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auto pilot column

Post by karlikdanza »

Hello, someone knows if in Resolume 5 like when a clip ends I can with the autopilot, give the order for the next clip to play, could it when a clip is finished giving the order to play ALL THE CONTENT OF THE NEXT COLUMN ???
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Re: auto pilot column

Post by Oaktown »

No, but you use alpha clips that have the exact same duration as your main clip using the autopilot to trigger the next column. Keep in mind that if you need a next clip even if you don't have anything in the column in order for the autopilot to work.

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Re: auto pilot column

Post by xergon »

Yep, good trick. Thanks a lot.

Sadly after the 20th or so repetition clips are out of sync ... we really need a column autopilot! :-)

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Re: auto pilot column

Post by Empyfree »

You can use an external controller (artnet, midi, osc) to trigger columns at specific times. With a bit of tinkering you can usually run the external trigger software on the same pc!

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