Live Input Camera Detection Issues

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Live Input Camera Detection Issues

Post by Jack12500 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 06:19

Hey guys,

So I've got Arena 6 running on a new 2016 MacBook Pro. Im trying to get a signal coming in from a Marshall camera into Arena through the USB-C port on the computer. Arena doesn't seem to be detecting the input. I'm sure its something stupid and I'm just missing a step here. Any suggestions?

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Re: Live Input Camera Detection Issues

Post by Yuckfou157 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 16:33

Start working your way back from the camera into your system...
Do you see your camera turn up anywhere else? Like the VLC capture option or some other capture software? Is video in on USB C possible? If you don't see your camera elsewhere, then it's no surprise Resolume won't see it either, so there's your first search point....
If you do see the camera elsewhere, then the signal comes to your Mac and it's something else like maybe Resolume won't see it, but as far as my experience goes, when it's on your Mac, you can find it either with or without symphon or some thingy like that back into Resolume, but the first thing comes to my mind, is it possible to capture the signal using only USB C without a capture device....? :mrgreen: Razer Blade - MBP - Arena 6 - Avenue 6 - Chaser - Showkontrol Live - APC40MKII - Novation Launchcontrol XL

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Re: Live Input Camera Detection Issues

Post by Zoltán » Wed Jan 03, 2018 17:47

If you have an apple usb-c to HDMI dongle, that's for output, you won't get HDMI input on that.
You need a capture card for HDMI input.
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