Adjusting content for LED wall

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Adjusting content for LED wall

Post by rexaffects »

Hello, I have a gig coming up where I have been asked to resize my content to a 16:9 LED wall. On my previous gigs I have been able to plug and play with no adjusting. Do I need any more information from the venue? Also, how would I go about scaling my content to make sure it fits correctly and looks good on an LED wall? Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is a big opportunity for me.

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Re: Adjusting content for LED wall

Post by Empyfree »

16:9 is pretty standard, what is your composition and content currently?

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Re: Adjusting content for LED wall

Post by Scratchpole »

Have you watched the training videos:

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Re: Adjusting content for LED wall

Post by gpvillamil »

Many LED wall controllers take a cropped section of the input signal, so that they might show a 640x360 crop of the top left of a 1280 x 720 video.

This is done to ensure 1:1 pixel mapping without scaling.

Things to ask:

1) what is the actual pixel resolution of the screen?
2) what is the dot pitch (ie pixel size)?
3) what is the allowed resolution of the video signal (this will be different from 1)
4) does the LED controller do scaling of the input signal?
5) color gamut / color profile (LEDs have brighter primary colors than you are used to, especially green)

If you get a chance, try to connect to their system and play the Resolume test card.

You can make the appropriate adjustments as a Composition level Transform, or even in Advanced Output.

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