Twitching at low speed

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Twitching at low speed

Post by miky »

Hi guys.
So this is a problem.
Animations do not run smoothly when I try to play them at low speeds.
They run ok at given speed but when I try to reduce their speed below a certain limit
they start to twitch.
I am using Arena 6.

Please help me out here!
Big thanks!

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Re: Twitching at low speed

Post by Empyfree »

Think about what’s happening?

50hz bit of content, slowed down to half speed you’re seeing it at 25hz, still an acceptable frame rate for video, drop much slower and you soon start to be looking at a “flicker book” rather than a smooth video. There are no more frames to fill in the gaps in time.

You can re-render content at a higher frame rate (assuming its home made content)

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