recolour & alpha

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recolour & alpha

Post by Grimm90 »

Hi , i use the recolour effect a lot but it always recolours my alpha channel too, is this normal behaviour or could it be fixed in a update ?

I would expect that if i toggle off the alpha channel in the fx router (when using recolour as a clip) , it wouldn't affect the alpha channel but it does.

Because of this i got to use .png masks on the layer/group so the recolour only affects my image and not the entire clip dimensions.
It often means i have to add another layer in mask mode to make a 'live video mask' of the layers below just to cover off the rest of the effect.

Is this fixable please ? Any other workarounds ?

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Re: recolour & alpha

Post by Joris »

Good find. This will be fixed on the next release.

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