Spreading a video over 4 screens

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Spreading a video over 4 screens

Post by applehead »

HI ,
I have a project where I will have a very large video (4x1920 wide) to be spread to 4 projector and needs to be in sync, it is one video.
I have the video card that capable of doing the 4 output and the footage created at 7680X1080
The problem I am facing:
I create a a composition at 7680X1080 put the video in.
In my advanced output , I create a screen , a slice ..
THE PROBLEM I AM FACING is that in the slice option I cannot designate an output ( a projector) to the selected part of the video) the output is only available to the overall screen.
What is the easiest way to spread a large and properly formatted video over 4 screens that uses only 1 file to keep it ion sync?
Or Do I have to put the same video into 4 different layer and create 4 different screens in the advanced output , picking the appropriate part of the image ?
Is there a trick to keep them in sync if the last option is the only option to do this?

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Re: Spreading a video over 4 screens

Post by Empyfree »

You really (really) want to be looking at a Datapath X4 or FX4 for this. One 4K feed from your graphics card into the FX4 and then split your output four ways in the hardware. Four outputs from a graphics card will almost never be in sync!

For your current scenario you’d be looking at four slices, one per output.

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Re: Spreading a video over 4 screens

Post by He2neg »

When oyur System can handly 4 Outputs in Sync you wont need any aditional Hardware....

your Comp is 7xxx wide... you need 1 Slice per output (1920x1080) and these 4 slices can be placed in the input mapping first slice to the left 2nd right beside and so on...

not you should have your video split on 4 slices.... these 4 slices can be routed to your 4 outputs...
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