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Low Spec Fps Issue

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:58
by cosmowe
Hey there,
right now I am doing some testing with a low gpu spec notebook. Want to use it for one layer no vfx videoplayback at smaller corporate or expo events (Playback Pro alternative). Because this notebook is so small and light it snuggs perfectly in my daily toolcase.

Resolume Arena 6.1.3
1x Notebook display GUI 1080p60
1x External HDMI display Resolume output 1080p60

Intel UHD Graphics 620
Win 10 Pro

Re-creatable I get 50 fps instead of 60 fps after I saved the comp, closed Resolume and re-opened it.

Disable the output via Resolume and re-enable it in the same session. The fps jumps back to 60 fps.

- Open Resolume
- Create a new blank composition
- Activate the output to your external screen
- Save Comp an close Resolume and Re-Open it to make sure Resolume starts with a blank comp (important)
- Add one DVX3 Clip 1080p60 and play it
= fps drops to round a bound 50

- Disable general output in Resolume
- Enable general output in Resolume
= fps jumps back to solid 60 fps

If you have any further questions ..... ask :-)

Best wishes

Re: Low Spec Fps Issue

Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 10:51
by Zoltán
You really need a dedicated GPU for Resolume on windows ;) See the minimum requirements here:

We also see issues with these integrated GPUs where they say they support a specific openGL version ,but then the driver actually crashes when we ask it to do things, so I wouldn't recommend using these.

Re: Low Spec Fps Issue

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 07:17
by cosmowe
Hehe :)
I was aspecting this answer.

Nevertheless....beside this "little" issue with it's known workaround... I have done some 48h tests triggering multiple clips and grafics automated with no crashes. So for now for me there is no reason not to use it for such simple tasks in uncritical enviroments.

Best wishes