Latest Alley is unusable

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Latest Alley is unusable

Post by mowgli »

I just updated Alley and tried converting a couple of files with audio.
After several attempts and constant crashing, it rendered the files and then crashed. Now the files never load in Arena 6, I just get a little rectangle and nothing happens.

Mac running Mojave.
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Re: Latest Alley is unusable

Post by Zoltán »

Could you send us one or two of these files that crash Alley on conversion?

​If you'd like you can get the installers for the older versions from our website.
Go to our download page, and scroll down.
You'll find version selector comboboxes, which have most previous releases.
Select the one you'd like and your download should start.

Can you double check with an older Alley and same source filed if they convert?
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