Duplicating Lumiverse Fixtures Issue

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Duplicating Lumiverse Fixtures Issue

Post by Wasko »

Hi all,

In Resolume 7 as well 6, when I duplicate groups of lumiverse fixtures, it duplicates each individual fixture to the next address, instead of duplicating the whole group to the next available address.

An example:

I want to address and control a RGBAWU fixture.

Resolume doesn't have a RGBWAU color space, so I create two fixtures - a RGBAW fixture (ch 1-5); and also a dummy fixture @ ch 6.

I control shift select both of the fixtures, and want to duplicate them 50 times to control an array of fixtures.

Instead of being able to do this easily, the RGBAW fixture is duplicated to ch 6-10; which is now overlapping with the dummy fixture previously mentioned to be assigned to ch6.

My ask is that when duplicating groups of fixtures, the group is assigned to the next available channels on the lumiverse, instead of overlapping (which I can't see the use for). I use dummy channels to control fixtures that I otherwise would not be able to in Resolume, and this would help a lot.

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Re: Duplicating Lumiverse Fixtures Issue

Post by Zoltán »

Seems to work fine for me in both R6 and 7.

Did you add a channel parameter to your dummy fixture?
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