2.0 decks - in out points

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2.0 decks - in out points

Post by juLiE »

so far i'm loving 2.3 and it's been stable (knock on wood). ;)

i really appreciate the R-G-B toggles in the 3 layers; great for quick super-imposing! thanx so much! :)

when i loaded a previous deck that i saved and used in 2.0, the in and out points did not register in 2.3, instead the clip played from the very beginning.

however, what's strange is, after it played thru once, then it picked up the in and out points and played properly. and if i saved this deck in 2.3 and then re-opened it in 2.3, the same problem existed.

what else is strange is that not all decks saved and used in 2.0 had this issue, that is, some worked, some not (and all avis were created with the same settings in VirtualDubMod).

click on the problem clip and change the way it is currently set to play; select forward, backward, or random. this will fix the problem immediately, that is, it goes to in and out points properly. now save the deck. then re-load it and your in and out points are detected and it plays correctly....then, obviously, you can re-set your 'play' back to how it was and save the deck again.

Operating System: XP, SP1
Processor: AMD Athlon 2800
Videocard: Nividia GeForce4 MX
Files type: AVI; 720x480, 29fps, data rate 682 klps, 18 sec.
Codec: Indeo 5.2
VOB/Compressor Tool: VirtualDubMod

peace-olah, juLiE

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