refresh capture driver list 2.4 beta

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refresh capture driver list 2.4 beta

Post by juLiE »

Capture driver list can be refreshed to be able to access camera's that have been connected after having started Resolume....

my setup:
Operating System: xp, sp1
Processor: amd athlon
Videocard: nividia geforce4 mx
Video Capture Card: NONE
File type: NA
Codec: NA

i'm using dv-cam (sony pal dcr-hc90e) + firewire for live video feed and *sometimes* this new fix works for me at the beginning of using resolume, but is not consistent; tested turning dv-cam on/off, pause, repeat, without restarting pgm, and although status *always* changes from "no device found" to "device found", sometimes there is no live feed video image when dragged yet again to same or different channel (gray background appears).

[ however, it no longer crashes resolume - nice. :-) ]

when did it work? well, it was difficult to find a consistent pattern; sometimes clicking on different channels back and forth, to clearning layer 2, finally made the image appear when device was dragged in afterwards - yet these paths repeated did not always work again.

before posting here, i read past comments about this feature and it seems like resolume creators have no issue with "dv-cam + firewire" - yes? yet, some others favor video capture cards for live video feed, avoiding firewire for stated reasons.

...yet, i like "dv-cam + firewire"; is futher developement possible or has limitations...and you have better things to work on? ;-)

merci beaucoup-olah, juLiE

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