crashes while gigging with resolume

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crashes while gigging with resolume

Post by armitageshanks »

playing a gig last night with a simple laptop to projector set up and resolume crashed so i was left with a blue screen being projected. what are people's tactics when resolume crashes so that you don't look like a amateur/muppet? thoughts, ideas and solutions please...

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Post by coolhandloop »

hi i bought a little switcher box for 20euro it has 4 inputs and one output (all are composite) if resolume gives me hassle i jus swich to one of the other channels which would either haver a dvd player hooked up or a camera... it works well pretty much as a very cheap and basic imitation mixer! but very handy indeed.. unfortunately these boxes only have composite inputs and outputs so if u r lookin for one with vga /dvi connections u will prob need to invest in a proper mixer

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Post by Basic »

this happened to me one time but i wasnt using resolume and what i done was take out the s-vid at back of comp but it does depend on setup. sorry if ive missed the point its just something that i have had happen to me.


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Post by vjaca »

If u don´t have mixer or something else...then u can put backroundpic in desktop :)

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