bumpy clip playback for first time

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bumpy clip playback for first time

Post by Rene »

I've a deck with a lot of (4 layers) PAL videos (M-JPEG encoded). At the beginning everything was fine, but later something strange happened. When I trigger a clip, the first playback/loop is very bumpy with 4-6 fps. After Resolume played the clip for the first time, fps are >= 60 and everything smooth again.

Does Resolume pre-load all clips of a deck into RAM? - If not, maybe my notebook HDD is the reason for this behavior. If so, why did it work at the beginning?

I guess I have to investigate with eSATA disk attached. Unless it's something related to a known bug?!

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Re: bumpy clip playback for first time

Post by bart »

Your hard-drive is stugling to supply your files. The clips are not loaded to RAM because a deck could contain a lot of big files and you would quickly run out of RAM, also, loading all the clips to RAM would take a very long time.

Try defragmenting your drive but this will probably make just a small difference if at all. An external drive connected via eSATA will definitely help if your current drive is only 5400RPM.

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