BPM counter goes crazy :o)

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BPM counter goes crazy :o)

Post by Rene »

Hi Dilly Ho Dilly Resolumeenos, :mrgreen:

I'm just curious if somebody experienced the same as I did... (frozen timeline and crazy BPM counter)

Yesterday I've played around with R3 with a lot of different footage (resolution/length/effects). Suddenly certain clips did not play, there was just the first? frame at the output, but the timeline was "frozen", but I could change the position manually - strange. I opened another video (different size, same codec - much smaller) and there was no problem. - I've closed Resolume and restarted it and everything worked as expected again. :?:

Another thing was the BPM counter. It was much too fast. MIDI clock was disabled and I also tried to tap/resync. Tap and resync worked - tap changed the BPM value and resync reset the counter, however it counted too fast.

I've made two funny videos showing those problems - :lol: - strange.

Has somebody experienced such a behavior?

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