Resolume 4 and CUDA cores...

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Resolume 4 and CUDA cores...

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I am new to avenue and am only working with "Resolume4 Arena-beta" which is awesome - I look forward to using the released version.

I use hefty PCs and I have some general questions:

1. I use Nvidia Quadro (Fermi) graphics cards and Nvidia advertises "card-a" has X-number of cuda cores and
"card-b" has Y-number of cuda cores. Should I assume more cuda cores = more processing power for Resolume4 ?

2. Resolume-4 is a 32bit PC app - correct? It will not access memory above 3gb space?


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Re: Resolume 4 and CUDA cores...

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Are you talking about OS X or Windows?
On Windows x32 the maximum RAM per app is limited to 2GB. Resolume doesn't use CUDA. In fact there are very few programs that use CUDA/ATI Stream technology these days.
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