Quartz Composer FX in Resolume

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Quartz Composer FX in Resolume

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I've popped a post on my site about using syphon as an effect loop in resolume, and it should work in modul8 too, though you'll have to edit the text field for the app in quartz to try that...
Let me know if you like it, or it doesn't work, or it crashes...
I did have a couple of crashes that could have been related, the datamosh and glitch plugins have crashed on me before in vdmx...

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Re: Quartz Composer FX in Resolume

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Yeah I had been experimenting with using syphon this way a bit lately as well, I have found some issues with instability and crashing though in 4.0.1, especially when changing decks while syphon is running, but overall its a good way to get quartz composer effects into resolume.

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