Avenue, QuartzComposer and Midi Problem!

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Avenue, QuartzComposer and Midi Problem!

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I have a quartz composer patch that responds to Midi input through the Midi Notes Receiver to create 3d visuals in real-time. The patch works fine in quartz composer but when I import it to Avenue, the patch does not respond to Midi anymore?

I am running Mac OSX 10.7.5, Quartz Composer 4.6 and Avenue 4.

here is my quartz patch:

Does anyone know how to solve this? the potential of avenue and quartz composer looks amazing!


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Re: Avenue, QuartzComposer and Midi Problem!

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The quartz composition has to be 'active' (you have to click in the screen or navigator) to be controllable by your midi-hardware; When you click it, your quartz composition wil be in front of Resolume. So you will have to choose to use resolume or quartz.

It will be more easy to do the following:
1. Publish the parameters you want to control up to the Root Macro Patch (You will see it in your 'trackball patch')
2. Use an input splitter for the same parameters in the trackball patch
3. Publish the parameter of the input splitter.

Now you parameter should show up in Resolume.

4. Control the parameter in Resolume with midimapping.


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