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thumbnail images

Post by BruceLane »

Is there a way to have the thumbnails generated in the UI saved to disk as jpg files?
I would like to download those thumbnails to my WP8 OSC controller.

I saw there are some XML files in %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Resolume Avenue 4\previews containing <image data="binary content"/> which might be what I'm looking for...
How could I use this binary data to generate a jpg?

thank you

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Re: thumbnail images

Post by drazkers »

Do abit of reading on XML serialization. I think that's whats happening here, I know very little about storing images in xml documents and this is just a straight guess from opening the files.

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Re: thumbnail images

Post by edwin »

The thumbnails are stored as png's using base64 encoding.

When you open the xml file look for the video node, the video node contains an image node.
That image node has an attribute called 'data' and that attribute is filled with a png that is encoded as base64.

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