SteelController OSC - new OSC-controlling application

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SteelController OSC - new OSC-controlling application

Post by SteelGhost » Sat Jul 28, 2018 17:01

Greetings to all! I want to present my development to you.

SteelController OSC - multi-channel management console for the OSC protocol!

Link to Google Play ... onsole.osc

Main advantages of the application:
- Unlimited number of inputs and outputs!
- Support for the OSC 1.0 protocol, the messages are configured using the built-in visual editor.
- Support for Multi-touch!
- Convenient console editor, available on all platforms!
- Regularly updated library of controls. If you have ideas for new elements - write to
- Synchronization of settings between devices within the network.

Did once for myself and a few friends for a long time worked with it, here brought to the presentation and I offer the respected community.
While in the kit is the most standard of the standard console for Resolume 5. But I pay attention that you can do everything yourself and for yourself for any other software or device, the editor on board. Friends will soon share their options for consoles, also included in the update. If anyone wants to share their own - send it, put it on the site with a mandatory indication of the author. I will soon be in charge of the forum, we'll discuss it there. In general, I want to give a move to the application, because it turned out to be really useful.

Currently available for Android, if you need a version for Windows, contact me. Mac, iOS - a little later, but definitely will :)

In the future, lay out a ready MIDI-OSC adapter, OSC-scanner and other utility. Of course, everything for those who will use.
In the future I plan to implement all types of OSC 1.1 and to implement ArtNet, respectively, the elements convenient for it.

Write, I will always be glad reviews, especially constructive.
Here are some screenshots:






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Re: SteelController OSC - new OSC-controlling application

Post by Grimm90 » Sun Aug 19, 2018 15:51

seems cool would like to try it , but why not a resolume 6 version ? :/

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